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Whitney Pearl's Biography


I grew up in the hills of Southern Oregon, daughter to a single mother of six-- the only daughter to a single mother of six. Growing up as the only girl in a house brimming full of the raucous nature of boys, shaped me into the straight-forward, no nonsense woman I like to think I am. My father was abusive: physically, mentally, and emotionally. By the time I was eleven I'd taken on a quite adult nature: an old soul trapped inside of a child's body. My fraught childhood shaped me in innumerable ways, and by the time I was eighteen, I’d found my husband.  It wasn't your traditional story of high-school sweethearts, but rather two people who looked at each other and saw a mirror of the struggle they'd endured, decided that they had the attraction and grit to make it work, and that they'd be better off in this thing called life together than apart. We married young, and never looked back; it will be ten years in a few months. I started attending Southern Oregon University for a degree in Foreign Language and Education, and had made significant progress to that end when reality struck, and I changed paths to focus on preparing for the immediate future and supporting my husband in his perusal of a career in firefighting. Life hurried on, as it tends to do, and we soon welcomed our first child. Four kids, and six years of staying home through their babyhood later, and I jumped with both feet into my first business venture. I now own a preschool, and spend my days running the facility, teaching little ones everything they need to start their formal education, dancing, laughing, and being otherwise silly, in addition to homeschooling my own four children. In my free time I write, paint, cook, fish, hike, explore the great wide world with my family, and tend to my garden and mini-farm. It is a lovely life, and I am so blessed to be living it.

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