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Book Projects

Intelligent Design

A Novel 

Eve’s more than any human could ever dream to be, and yet, she remains victim to the whims of a madman, a shadow government, her silver hair, and a tickling rage humming under her skin, threatening to rip away everything that she was or will ever hope to be.


Brownie Bunny

Edited & Illustrated by Whitney

A story passed down through generations, Brownie is a mischievous little bunny with a particular craving for sweet treats. When Brownie's naughty behavior finds him in a scary situation, he'll journey to magical worlds to find what's truly important... and he's surprised to discover-- it isn't candy. 

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A Novel in Progress

Akira is living in a nightmare. One of the few survivors of an atomic bombing, she is forced to face down the brutal aftermath, and discover a way to trust again, in a world gone mad. 

Rock Rubble
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